Dienstag, 2. November 2010

A few days in Berdorf

On Saturday I went to the most beautiful sandstone crag I know with my friends Claudia and Kevin.
At home we had checked the weather forecast and we thought, ah ok cloudy on Sunday with a risk of a bit rain, that seemed to be no problem.
Kevin and me were very happy to have a "Kinder Überraschung", but  it was a bad suprise!

In the chocolate egg there was a little frog! We were sure that this was the Weatherfrog and when we saw him climbing up the rock, we were very afraid of bad weather.

And indeed, real bad weather came soon to Berdorf and we sadly climbed in the rain. The next days the wheather was not much better and we had to climb on shitty conditions.
However we had fun and I could take some nice pictures:

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