Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014


After finishing my final exams of my apprenticeship in Wuppertal it was time to move to Spain. This time I decided to go to Margalef. So far I had only been there some single days when I was in Siurana. The climbing in Margalef does not fit my style at all but it was huge fun to climb there without having big projects and to hang around in good company.
Having arrived in Reus I had the plan to buy enough food for the next week (so I needn´t waste climbing time)and I wanted to go every little distance by bus. My bags were so heavy that even moving through Reus by bus was quite exhausting.
Back at the main bus station, I had to recognize that I had just missed the bus to Margalef. My plan was over!
I had to walk all the way through Reus to find the right place for hitchhiking.. after sitting at my desk for learning it was a big challenge! Fortunately I found a nice spot to start hitchhiking. 30 minutes later people stopped and told me that this was the worst place for me. They kindly took me to the next little town.
I knew the town well and I knew the bakery was one of the best. I ate many pans con chacolate.. my fingers were still full of chocolate when a car stopped. Jerome De Beock and his friends were so friendly to give me a lift to Margalef.
This journey ended with a final challenge. Everybody who knows the street to Margalef, knows what I am talking about, having my heavy bag on my full stomach with sweets.. but luckily it was no problem for me :)
Enjoy the Pictures:
Me in Batuka (8b). © Chris Gruber

Chris in La Gomorra (7b+)

This Route was sooooo pumpy for me: la trencatranques (8b)© Gerard Garcia

Max and Juli are still travelling around. Check their Blog!

Juli in La Gomorra (7b+)

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