Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

Once again Siurana

Winter in Siurana is getting a tradition to me and each time it’s amazing to be there again. This time it was almost a family-trip, together with my brother Daniel and our sister Laura.

Two years ago I belayed Daniel on "Lola Corwin" (8c) and I was very impressed by watching Daniel doing the powerful moves to the top.

Ⓒ Bernardo Gimenez
This year it should be my turn on "Lola Corwin".

When I checked out the moves everything went well. The crux was on the last moves where you have to do quite long moves in the most overhanging part. I like hard parts close to the top, I must climb very economically at the lower part and need a lot of concentration in every section of the route.

Ⓒ Bernardo Gimenez

Finally I was lucky to send it in a few tries.
The next days I enjoyed climbing a nice 8b and some 8a´s onsight.

Daniel in "Der Wind":

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