Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

Nothing new on my blog? So what´s up?

Since I started an apprenticeship in the Wupperwände in Wuppertal my climbing life has changed a lot. I don’t have that much time to travel anymore, but instead I have really good training possibilities. So I decided to start competing again...
I got some more motivation now to do comps more seriously than the years before.. Lets see how it works. The first competition this year was the German Bouldercup at the ISPO tradefare in Munich. My result is not worth to talk about, but for me it was great fun to take part.

Beside climbing a lot on plastic I spend as much time as possible on rocks. One secret spot is called "Phantasialand". There are a lot of fantastic hard lines. I took a look on "Rambazamba". Daniel did the first ascent of this cool 24-moves-route and graded it about 8c+/9a. I felt very good on it and I hope to get there again soon..

Some weeks later I drove to Ettringen with some friends. I went directly to "Glühfinger" (8a+) to settle old scores. That amazing crack made me feel so weak. I needed some time to figure out the crux again.. Finally I was lucky to send it late in the evening!
 ©Jonas Winter

 Jonas tried "Cave Dog" (8b) at shitty conditions..

The next competition was the Leadcup in St. Gallen/SUI where competitors from Switzerland, Austria and Germany took part. I became third and first in national ranking.
I was super lucky although some good climbers were missing.. after the comp I stayed in Switzerland for some more days. I went to Magic Wood with some friends and enjoyed the amazing boulders und landscape there.
Just one week later I did the same together with Malte, Tobi and my sister Laura in Bleau.. I think more than 8 years have passed since I was there before, so it was a historical moment ;)
Here are some pictures taken by my friend Tobi:

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