Freitag, 17. August 2012

Summertime in Gorges du Loup

Just after the Lead Worldcup in Briancon I met Daniel to go with him to Gorges du Loup.
We arrived in the evening and went climbing directly..
The last time I climbed in Gorges du Loup was about 10 years ago. That is why I really appreciated that Daniel had been there some month before and could recommend me the good and sadly rare natural lines.
So I started by trying "7pm JP chaud" (8c) which is a rather short and bouldery route. I fell once on the very last move at one of my first tries and recognized that I could send it soon. Recovered well and with the nightfall I did the last possible try for that day and finally I was on top :)

We drove up to a plateau to have a good night with a nice view

The next days Daniel tried "Kick ass" at high temperatures and unfortunately with the consequence of getting a shitty cut..

I was lucky to send a powerful route called "Quenelle Trophy" (8c).
The next day I was very happy about having a restday with relaxing next to the river and with some scary moments by jumping into the cold water.

As usual I had my camera with me:

Totally natural!

Sometimes Daniel became tired by driving, so I had to control the steering wheel while he was hanging out of the window ;)

Sadly the last days came and I didn´t know how to get home..I wanted to spend as much time as possible with climbing and hanging around in the Gorges du Loup. Aurelie offered me to go with him to Briancon on Sunday.. I thought yeah its my direction. But if I went with him I would have to go by train to Wuppertal to be on time for working on Monday. In the evening I recognized that there was no train... so I hitchhiked more than 1300km and was very lucky to be in Wuppertal just two hours before I had to work.

I tried myself as a cameraman.. you will see the result as a video soon on my blog.

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